There is a gunkie substance in my baby's eye? What should I do?

Blocked tear duct. Have no fear! it's very common in babies. You can massage the tear duct a few times a day with your finger. Wash your hands, place your index finger on the side of your baby's nose and massage down towards the nose. Call your doctor if the eyelid becomes red or swollen or if a lump appears on the eyelid.
Many possibilities. The normal drainage path for tears is a tear sac & tiny channel down the inside of the nose. It blocks easily when debris from allergies, viruses or other germs.Newborns often have ducts that are blocked for the first months until head growth helps them open.If simple goop & no lid redness u can tease it away with a clean cloth.Progressive lid redness may require a visit & meds.
Blocked tear duct. If there is no redness of the white of they eye, no swelling, and the baby is otherwise well, then the tear duct is blocked. This is usually harmless and resolves on its own. Sometimes breast milk expressed into the eye can help. Or, your doctor can show you a way to massage it to help it open up. In the meantime, wipe it off with a warm, wet, clean cloth.
Normal. "sleepy sand". Apply a warm, moist cloth to clear it away.