I have dermatillomania and most dr. Don't know what that is and how to treat it and I'm at my wits in and need help! I've been picking 4yrs and help?

Behavioral Therapy. There are medications that may help with this. And i think that might be something to consider after you have explored cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt) or something called dialectical behavior therapy which combines cbt with other techniques such as mindful awareness. Dermatillomania is a complex disorder with anxiety as a central feature. Addressing the anxiety may help with the compulsions.
Dermatillomania. This is usually a compulsive disorder. There are some meds that can be tried but they work better with some form of cognitive therapy. Best bet it to have the sores treated by dermatology or a primary doc, and see a psychiatrist for treatment of the compulsion to pick. Good luck.
Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy and meds for obsessive-compulsive disorder may help. See your physician.