Is it safe to take a calcium supplement with an ileostomy?

Yes. If you do not get enough calcium in your diet, your body will take it out of your bone. Only supplement your diet if you are not getting the recommended intake for your age and sex.
Yes. No reason not to although with a well balanced diet I wonder as to the benefit of the supplement.

Related Questions

What happens when you take a calcium supplement with a cup of coffee?

Not much. The calcium will bind with the phosphorus in the coffee but the amount of phosphorus is low. If you are taking the calcium as a supplement you'll get much better results to not take within 2-4 hours of a meal or a phosphorus containing beverage.

Can I take a calcium supplement with whey protein?

Should be fine. Calcium does not affect protein absorption and vice versa. You may not any supplement if you can stay on a healthy, balanced diet--see pyramid pictured here. Good diet is important, but regular exercise is also needed for long term good health. So eat well, sleepp well, exercise regularly and see doc for preventive care. Good luck.

What happens if you take a calcium supplement before having a bone densitometry test?

Avoid this. Bone mineral density tests measure the amount of mineral in the bone, and this mineral is predominantly calcium. The presence of calcium in your digestive tract may be detected and falsely interpreted as bone mineral, giving an inaccurate increased result.
Nothing. It takes time for calcium to be absorbed into the bone if the body will observe it at all.

I take prevacid (lansoprazole) for acid reflux. Should I take a calcium supplement?

Won't hurt. But must be added in to your dietary intake. You need a total of 1000-1500 mg/day. Check w/your doctor and/or a dietitian. Take calcium supplements with meals only.