What vitamins promote healing?

Many. Vitamin c, d, e, k ... Many vitamins promote healing. For some good advice on vitamins and the proper dosage for your particular needs you may want to see a naturopathic doctor or a md or do whose practice advocates vitamins and or supplements.
None unless you have. Unless you are having a vitamin deficiency, then adding extra vitamins makes your urine very valuable. Most vitamins are water soluble, taking extra only makes them end up in the toilet. Taking extra fat soluble vitamins when you don't need them could make you sick. Ask your family doctor if you are having any deficiency. Most people in the usa are low on vitamin d. Correcting that might help.

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Which the best form of vitamin or vitamins is good for promoting healing/ recovery?

It's the amount . There is no ideal form, or one specific vitamin. Vitamins like to work with others, so taking more of 'just one' isn't as good as taking a mutilple vitamin. If you are talking about healing after a surgery or burn, then for awhile higher than rda amounts may be useful - the body needs more - and more protein - during repair time. Read more...
Multivitamin,Vit. C. Healing from what? Start with a good multivit. See http://www.Multivitaminguide.Org/ any of the top 30 on that list are good. My personal favs include ultranutrient by pure encapsulations (not on the list), ultrapreventive x, life force multiple & advanced nutritional system. Extra c (1-2, 000 mg/day) & d (total 5000 iu/day in fall/winter) help too.Consider a herbal tonic like rhodiola or cordyceps. Read more...