I have painful swelling on the roof of my mouth along with fever and sore throat, what is causing this?

Burn/virus/autoimmun. It can often be due to a burn/hot food exposure, otherwise a viral infection/bacterial infection or autoimune process. Should be checked out by a qualified physician to make sure it is nothing that needs a biopsy or imaging like a growth.

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My 8 year old daughter has been suffering with a headache, fever, sore throat and swelling/pain at the roof of her mouth for two days. Flu?

Influenza. Symptoms of influenza can vary from case to case and other viruses produce a similar clinical picture. Must isolate virus or do serologic testing to prove presence of influenza. Your daughter should be seen by a pediatrician to be sure the painful swelling on her palate is nothing serious. Headache, fever and sore throat may be strep and she can be examined for this and treated if necessary. Read more...

I have 3 round red mouth sores on the roof of my mouth, none have white heads on. I do have sore throat / flu what could it be. They don't hurt?

Sores, roof of mouth. This is most likely a manifestation of the presence of a virus. Other less likely possibilities would be Streptococcal infection, or thrush. Evaluation by a physician will lead to a rapid accurate diagnosis. Read more...