Is it normal to feel lymph nodes in a 2 yr ok'd healthy girl bk of neck rt side by ear. Dr felt and said it was normal gland second opinion neccesary?

Probably normal. All children develop reactive lymph nodes, because they are developing their immune systems. As they are exposed to different things, including bacteria and viruses, they will have enlargement of lymph nodes, particularly in the head and neck. This is very typical, and if your doctor does not believe it a problem, you should trust their judgement.
Normal lymph node. We have lymph nodes scattered throughout our body ; many are often detected in the neck where they sit on top of neck muscles. These nodes are little fluid strainers that take body lymph ; remove stray germs from things like bug bites. They are often pea sized at rest ; grow to dime sized when working. Within 2-3 wks they often shrink back down unless they are stimulated further.Ask her doc if so.