Had urine culture done 3 days ago at drs office came back normal. Dr sent me to ER 2 nights ago cause of ultrasound showing inflamed appendix. Er did bloodwork- normal, CT scan- normal, and another urine sample- said had traces of blood in it. Er dr had u

Urologist. If the "u" in your question is urologist, then that is the physician to "sort out" this situation.
Blood d/t appendicit. There is often a small amount of blood in the urine in patients with appendicitis, but I don't know from the info u provided if it was a small amount, how it was measured, how your kidneys looked on the ct. You'll need to learn more about your specific situation. A small amount of blood in the urine in someone who is ok except for appendicitis does not mean anything bad. Get it rechecked.
Probably not a UTI. Dear mizzkimm I still do not think u have a uti. You may have appendicitis with an appendix at back of your abdomen and touching ureter or bladder. Any chance that you have pelvic inflammatory disease from an std? You should probably consult with a general surgeon who may even suggest a diagnostic laparoscopy if continues & you have rebound abdominal tenderness.