What proportion of estrogen and testosterone do you prescribe when treating patients with lichen sclerosis?

No testosterone. It was found some time ago that testosterone isn't a good treatment. Lots of side effects, like deepened voice and hair growth. Steroid ointment like clobetasol or halog are better choices. Estrogen simply does not work on this condition, which is not the same as atrophic vaginitis. We now use the term "vulvar dystrophy" to describe lichen sclerosis and the related hypertrophic conditions.
Clobetasol . Honestly, hormonal therapies are usually not themost effective treatment for lichen scleroris. A high potency steroid cream like clobetasol is often more effectice.

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Using clob/estrogen for lichen sclerosis -2 years constant fare ups- since menopause. Tried protopic. New dr. Started e&t and singular. Any feedback?

Clobetasol 0.05% If it's biopsy proven lichen sclerosis, clobetasol seems to be the best treatment. Estrogen is only used for atrophy (thin dry mucosal surfaces from low estrogen). Usually ls is a long term condition but if all else has failed, use the Protopic with careful follow-up with your doc. Testosterone rarely helps long term. Good luck with singular, i've not tried this for ls, interesting idea. Read more...