I am a 39 yr old female diagnosed with multifocal choroiditis. I have had numerous tests. What is a typical time frame for vision loss?

Choroiditis. This eye problem should always be treated by an ophthalmologist as it can cause very serious eye problems. It is wise to live a very healthy life style, do not smoke or use illicit drugs. Eat a nourishing diet with lots of antioxidant fruits and vegetables and take supplement general vitamins. One of the most prevalent vitamin shortages is vitamin d3 (check blood level) and omega 3s.
Depends on cause. If the mfc is idiopathic (no identifiable cause) then the chance of you loosing any vision over the next 10 years is less than 40%. The most common cause of visual loss is abnormal blood vessel growth under the retina and swelling of the retina both of which are treatable if caught early enough. Patients treated with immunosuppressive drugs seem to have a better prognosis per a recent study.