I'm 27 with degenerative disk disease, I have had back pain since kimdergarten. No.Doc will help or take me serious from my age. How can I treat it?

Treat your own back. If you are not getting the treatment you are looking for, i suggest evaluation from a mckenzie methhod trained therapist. Robin mckenzie has a book, "treat your own back" which may be helpful after an evaluation with a specialist. You can find a mckenzie therapist in your area on the website: www.Mkenziemdt.Org also osteopathic manipulative treatment, acupuncture & energy healing could be helpful.
Pain generator? If you haven't had a disscogram don't assume your dark discs are painful while you may have had chronic back pain from a unknown scource don't assume dark disc are painful locating the pain generator is more elegant than reading an MRI see a fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon dark discs to me are mearly a radiology reading abnormality billions of dark discs are in the painless poulation.