What are the symptoms of exertional compartment syndrome? Can it be caused from high jump and hurdling in track? If so does it stop in the offseason?

Let us to help. The most common symptom is pain during with activity that is quickly relieved with rest. Patients may notice a tingling or numbness in the leg or foot due to lack of blood flow to the nerves. Often when the symptoms are present, the area over the muscles of the front of the leg feels very tight. Yes it could.It suppose to stop when activity stop unless it turn to be chrnic one.
Pain. Exertional compartment syndrome caues pain in the front of the shin after activity or exercise and it typically is relieved after rest. Some patients report numbness and tingling to the front of the foot as well. It can be experienced in any kind of sport that involves running. It stops after he activity is stopped so it would stop in the offseason. It is "exertional" so happens after you run.