I used to be chubby, but at the age of 9, I suffered with severe pneumonia due to which I lost my weight. Afr that, I nvr regained my wght. Kindly advise?

91. I need advice from you in how to reach 91 years of age. Pneumonia can be quite disabling. Eat 3 times a day, 3 enssure per day. Take deep breaths thru' your nose every 5 minutes. Muscle mass decreases with age, so try to preserve what you have with healthy life style.
WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS. It is very difficul to answer your question without knowing what your weight, height and bmi is and how old you are and why you want to be chubby again.If you are otherwise healthy and your weight falls in the normal range for your height and age, you do not need to do anything.So give this information for further advice.