I had a hearing test and was told my problem is with the bones in the ear. What sort of things could this be?

Otosclerosis . Sometimes the 3 ear bones stiffen up and don't move well. Almost like an arthritis of the joints between the bones. When that happens it can lead to what is called a conductive hearing loss. This condition is called otosclerosis and can be treated with a hearing aid or with surgery. It is best treated by an ENT doctor who specializes in ear diseases.
Serious sadly. The three small bones in the ear are called the hammer, the anvil and the stapes. They have to be connected and be able to move freely in order to transfer sound properly from the eardrum to the nerve ending for hearing. Some hearing loss is from the bones dis-connecting, and some from them scarring (otosclerosis) so that they cannot move properly.Both create problems and may need surgery.
MECHANICAL PROBLEM. 1) otosclerosis, an inherited disorder in which one of the ear bones becomes gradually stiffened. 2) some people are born with a deformity of an ear bone, or the bone is stuck to the wall of the middle ear. 3) injuries, infections and fluid in the ear can cause scar tissue that interferes with vibration of the bone.