Is it safe to use clorox to brush your teeth?

Not recommended. Clorox is a good disinfectant and has many uses even in dentistry but it is not necessary to apply any amount of it to your tooth brush. It can be toxic to oral tissues as well. Normal daily brushing and flossing and regular check ups are enough to maintain healthy tissues. If it is staining issues that you are concerned about then you can look for polishing and/or bleaching procedures.
No. Chlorox is toxic to your cells and your tissue. You can severely burn your mouth and create damage of your intramural tissues. It is also toxic when swallowed. Toothbrushing is best accomplished with a soft toothbrush and a Fluoride containing toothpaste. Look for the seal of the american dental association when purchasing these products.
No... No. Clorox is too caustic to be used undiluted in the mouth. I would find substitues even if diluted.
Cloro Toxic chemical. Clorox is a toxic chemical with thousands of uses but never to be used for brushing humann teeth, why would you use it? Is it because you have a periodontal infection, and you are self medicating yourself? Please change immediately to a regular tooth paste available for humans and you should consider visiting a dentist for evaluation of your teeth and gums. Good luck!
NO!!! I am assuming you mean non-diluted chlorox, which is never acceptable. Sodium hypochlorite, the active ingredient in chlorox, is very toxic and very damaging to skin and cells. It is never intended for consumption or oral use. Despite the fact that it is a great bacteria killer, there is no advantage of using it to brush your teeth over otc products which are intended for oral use.
Absolutely not! Try using a whitening toothpaste or see your dentist for other whitening options.
No. It is not at all safe to brush your teeth with bleach, and there is no benefit to it either. Teeth "bleaching" is a completely different chemical compound than clorox bleach.
Absolutely not. Clorox or industrial bleach is not safe for use in the mouth. Please use a good tooth paste with correct brushing technique, followed by flossing.You may also use mouth wash recommended by your dentist based on your dental condition and needs. Dr.Rakshak.
No. Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) has a very high ph and dissolves organic material. Not only is it hard on teeth, but will damage the soft tissues of the mouth.