Strong migraine, top of the head, cold body - goosebumps, fatigue, hurts when I lean forward or cough, tho no cough developed, constipation - any ideas?

See doc. Someone with a headache, chills, fatigue of short duration may be developing an infection, such as a viral or bacterial upper respiratory, throat or sinus infection. See one's doc for a good eval. If the headache is the worst one ever experienced in one's life, go to the emergency dept for immediate eval.Constipation is not usually an acute problem and may be a separate issue.
Use NSAID or Tryptan. Migraine is believed to be caused by swelling of blood vessels in the brain. Taking an nsaid-motrin or a tryptan- Imitrex (sumatriptan) can stop pain before it starts. If you get more than 10 migraines per month, seek medical attention. There are medications that, taken daily, can decrease number of headaches per month. Finally, there are several simple injections that are useful to prevent headache-botox.