I have recently been diagnosed with pcos however instead of having infrequent periods I am menstruating constantly could it still be pcos?

Check uterus lining. Most women with pcos don't ovulate (release an egg) regularly, with infrequent periods like cycles over 35-40 days or skipping whole months. Not ovulating can also cause frequent irregular bleeding as the lining of the uterus can become thick and bleed unpredictably. You should be checked for thick lining, fibroids or polyps inside your uterus; very thick lining needs an endometrial biopsy test.
Could still be PCOS. With pcos, there is an excess of estrogen. When there is an excess of estrogen, fibroids (which are benign growths in the uterus) could develop. Women with fibroids tend to have heavier/longer/more frequent menstrual cycles. It is true that women with pcos commonly have scant infrequent periods, but you may have more than one process going on at once. Be sure to tell your doctor whats going on.
Yes. Women with pcos can have irregular bleeding, whether it's infrequent, constant, or absent. It's not normal to menstruate constantly, and that can affect your health (and rarely affect your life). You must be seen as soon as possible, diagnosed as to why you're bleeding, treated to stop the bleeding, and also treated so this doesn't happen again. Get going!
More info needed. Pcos is a syndrome and not a disease, so that one suspects a person has pcos based on exam/symptoms rather than on one test.Because of this, not all symptoms(infertitity, lh/fsh >or =2, high triglyceride, fat deposition in the midportion of one's body, irregular periods&more)need be present for a diagnoses.Endocrinologist can give 2nd opinion after reviewing one's case in full.Constant bleed needs eval.