Antibibiotic cause fatigue?

FATIGUE EVAL. YES THEY MAY. You need full EXAM AND labs. CBC/CMP/B12/FOLATE /TFTS/VITD/CRP//SED RATE//IRON STUDIES/LYME TITERS. Start a. Gluten free diet ( And high potency vitamins. ( Then review results if no firm diagnosis is made, a sleep study may be necessary many subtle sleep disorders cause Fatigue.
Maybe. First, almost any infection from a simple sore throat to a life threatening pneumonia will make you very tired. So it might not be the antibiotic at all. But out of curiousity i reviewed a few commonly used antibiotics and the following all list fatigue as a side effect. Cehphalexin, azithromycin, bactrim, (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) levofloxacin, and others. So simply stated yes, antibiotics can cause fatigue.
Fatigue. Antibiotics can always cause fatigue as a side effect. Or the infection for which the antibiotic is being used can cause fatigue. If the fatigue persists, revisit your doctor for another evaluation.
Yes. They can because they kill a lot of good probiotic bacteria in our body. Decrease in the probiotic bacteria causes inflammation in the body that can cause fatigue. Get started on a good probiotic like Megafood Megaflora plus 2-3 caps/day. Get sunshine for at least 30-45 min/day (no sunscreen but protective clothing is OK to use) at noon time.