Is testosterone level 430 too low for a 33 yr old? I also feel the drive is too low, but family doc doesn't want to follow. Just exercise more or?

Depends.... You are young to start testosterone therapy, especially if you may want to have children. Testosterone can decrease sperm count or even cause sterility. On the other hand if you have fairly low testosterone and you are syptomatic, you may benefit from HCG. HCG causes the testicles to make more testosterone, and does not risk a decreased sperm count or sterility. See an experienced hormone doc!
Not necessarily. A number of factors affect testosterone levels. The time of the day it is measured is important. One measurement may not be adequate and 2 or 3 measurements in the morning is preferred. Both total and free levels should be looked at. At 33 though, i think the level is okay. I personally am not too excited about treating a 33 yr old with long term androgen unless really indicated.
Basically Normal. That level, while there are variations between labs, is within normal limits, meaning that for ~98% of all males, that level will allow for normal function. At that level, there's likely no need for replacement, but there are many factors that affect.
Free testosterone! Measuring total ( which is the number you are giving) is much less telling than free testosterone. Your total can be normal with a low free testosterone! and if you started out at 19pg/dl and fall to 7 (both normal), would you not feel it more than a male going from 9 to 7?
Hi Kitetaka. As in life, the answer is "it depends". The cut off I use is between 300-400. Most patients that are less then 300 definitely have symptoms that would benefit with testosterone replacement. You being 33 is unusual for having low testosterone. However, your issue may be perhaps sleep apnea which is a chronic state of sleep deprivation that may be driving down your testosterone .