After coping with fibromyalgia for years, the pain level has gotten to be difficult to live with. Would like treatment options.?

Medication. The pain in fibromyalgia can occur for 2 reasons. One is the spinal cord systems that regulate pain are under active while other parts of the pain system are over active. Medications like Effexor xr, Cymbalta and Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) increase the activity of inhibitory systems while medications like Neurontin and Lyrica decrease the over activity . These classes are often used in combination.
Multiple methods. A combination of regular exercise and low dose tricyclics or other antidepressants with an effect on norepinephrine will often work. Acupuncture, stretching exercises, and good sleep habits can be helpful as well.
Take a med holiday. Anyone who has had fms for years has probably been through the routine of exercise, tca's / ssri, neuromodulators, adjunctive meds, massage, chiropractic, pt, etc. It may be time to switch your regimen or consider a newer agent such as milnacipran or tapentadol or combo of the above. Pain specialist or good internist can help.
Exercise. Exercise and some different types of medications are the best treatments for fibromyalgia. Many forms of pain medication have been studied, but these do not improve the pain symptoms. You should talk with your doctor.
Alternative stories. Persons desperate for relief of #fibromyalgia symptoms ; not helped by orthodox medical world need to search elsewhere. There are doctors ; patients who are reporting healing from fm, and writing books about their experiences. Internet searches and review of amazon books a way to start. Find book by a. Lewis of the wiggles group. See rebuilding wellness by sue ingebretson. Book by v. Lumley.