I am ovulating today and it's cd25 should we try to conceive? My luteal phase last month was 21 days after I ovulated?

Yes. You ovulated 4 days ago, so it is too late by this answer. Nevertheless, the most fertile days are the 1-2 days before ovulation and waiting until after ovulation is very bad for timing. Ovulation on cd25 is a bit late and you may want to talk with your doc to see if you would benefit from meds to improve the cycle, particularly if not pregnant in 6 months. Best wishes.
You can try, but. Its not normal to ovulate so late in the cycle. It's also clearly not normal to have a 3 week luteal phase. See a board certified fertility specialist who can determine the cause of the hormone imbalance so as to optimize the odds of pregnancy success. While it is possible to conceive if someone ovulates on day 25, it is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage.