Can 20 mg of prednisone fix my polymyalgia? I am female and 76 yrs. Old. Two week old diagnosis by a internist.

Yes?? Polymyalgia rheumatica usually responds to 15 to 20 mg Prednisone daily within 3 to 7 days. The dose will be tapered as possible, there are steroid sparing drugs that can work when the steroid risks become too high. Careful about developing osteoporosis, and you may have to take an osteoporosis preventing drug. If the response doesn't come quickly to steroids at this dose, not pmr.
Help, but not fix... The great majority of people who start steroids (like prednisone) for polymyalgia rheumatica experience symptom improvement - usually within 3-5 days. There will be relapses, however, of symptoms. At that time, the dose of steroid needs to be adjusted. Think of Prednisone as an effective treatment, but not a cure.