I have heart failure with ejection fraction 25% and on cyclosporin with elevated cholesterol and 3 vessel cad. Is it safe for me to take statin?

Can be a problem. Cyclosporin and statins generally do not mix well. Fluvastatin is the least likely statin to interact with Cyclosporin. Statin therapy is very important when you have severe coronary artery disease. So, consult your doctor about this. .
Safe to a degree. A statin would likely be indicated given your coronary history. However only certain statins and doses woud be appropriate given your concurrent use of cyclosporin. A coenzyme q10 supplement should be considered given your supressed ejection fraction. Given your complicated history all of these issues should be cautiously discussed with your pcp, cardiologist, and possibly a lipidologist.
Possibly. Statin medications are indicated for anyone with known coronary artery disease as they significantly reduce the rate of additional coronary events. There is a significant interaction between Cyclosporine and statins. The concomitant use of the two meds is not prohibited but is based upon individual risk. Blood levels and chemistry are often monitored to detect and prevent toxicity.