Will provenge (sipuleucel-t) help me with a 5.5 psa down from 124. Or?

Congratulation... Congratulated for having favorable effect from Provenge (sipuleucel-t) as demonstrated in declining psa. I'm sure you're informed of its potential average life extension of about 4 - 4.5 months, which is not necessarily applicable with an individual like you. So, how long the help from Provenge (sipuleucel-t) may last is unpredicatble. Nonetheless, keep up healthy lifestyle which is foundation of healthcare ; key to longevity.
Provenge (sipuleucel-t) Provenge (sipuleucel-t) is indicated for hormonal refractory advanced prostate cancer. It extends the survival by average 4.1 months. The change in psa responces may not reflect treatment responce. It is true however that it does bring psa down more than 50%, in10% of patients, another 10% will drot psa betwee25% to 50% some oncologists feel that it is more effective if given earlier in the course of treatment.