Hpv CIN i?

CIN I HPV. Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (cin), aka cervical dysplasia & cervical interstitial neoplasia, is the potentially premalignant transformation & abnormal growth (dysplasia) of squamous cells on the surface of the cervix. Cin is not cancer.Major cause is chronic infxn of cervix with sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (hpv), especially the high-risk hpv types 16 or 18. See comment:.
Colposcopy. Hpv cin 1 means basically it is a slight abnormality at the epithelium of the cervix. Is this cancer? No can progress to cancer? In 15-20 years possible. Best think to do is keep follow up with your doc.

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Hi, is cervical HPV and oral HPV related? I could have cervical HPV from CIN 2/3. I'm worried it's in my mouth : (

Possibly. Hpv is an opportunist organism and the strains related to cancer can show up in anal, oral, penile and cervical locations. If exposed, they may or may not end up infesting these areas and triggering the related changes in tissue. If concerned have an ENT look for evidence of the disease in your oral cavity. Read more...