Help! My newborn will only sleep if being held! The second I lay him down he crys and wants to nurse. Then falls back asleep n same thing all over!?

Nurse when waking up. Babies are new to the world & need guidance.They are not aware of sleep until well into the 2nd yr, so we need to mold their patterns around feeding & sleeping. Bf to wake baby after 2hr naps during the day, change, play until tired, rest 2hr & start over.Never allow 4-5hr day naps, but ok at night. Put baby down & get ear plugs if you need, baby will adapt easier than you will.
Let go. Do not give in to your baby. You need to guide your baby and let go, it will come back and haunt you and you will be stuck like what it is right now. It hurts to see our babies cry but in the end you are doing good for both you and your baby. The crying will escalate if you don't meet your baby's demands and you are empowering your baby more by giving in, you are the mom! guide your baby.