Can I breastfeed if I have been sedated recently?

Depends. This depends on the sedative used. The aap has guidelines on what drugs are safe for breastfeeding moms.
No. The timing of breastfeeding after sedation meds depends on the meds that you used and must be looked at individually. We take into consideration the drug, it's metabolism, half life, or how long it lasts in your system, it's side effect profile and whether it is likely to have adverse effects on the baby. Sometimes i will recommend a period of " pumping and dumping" milk to ensure milk supply.
Sedated. Allow at least 24 hours from time sedation was given.
Yes. If you don't feel any residual effects, the baby won't either.
Yes. Most sedative medications are safe for breastfeeding, but call your pediatrician about the specific medications you received. Pediatricians will have the latest safety information regarding medication safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding.