I hurt my foot a few weeks ago and I'm not sure if it is sprained, fractured, or broken. It is not a lot of pain, but it is not going away.?

Have it evaluated. Your pain could be as a result of many different things. One would need to do a thorough history and physical exam and possibly some radiology exams to determine the exact cause. Have it evaluated by a professional to see if you have fractured it of if it is just a soft tissue injury such as a contusion or a sprain. You may have injured nerves, blood vesicles, muscles, ligaments or tendons.
Depends. First - fracture and break are synonyms for the same thing. How long has the pain been there? Pain from a sprain can last for months, especially if you aren't staying off of it (non-weightbearing). If the pain isnt improving despite limiting your activities, i agree with the previous poster - you should be evaluated by a physician, as you may have an issue that needs surgery/etc.
Possible. Any injured joint that is not healing in 2 weeks or so - should be evaluated for possible fracture. Most sprains or strains should be well on the way to healed by that point. So, go have it checked out by your md! hope it's all ok!