Should I be worried about a hematoma due to burst blood vessel in penis from accidental bending during sex?

Depends on duration. Most hematomas of the penis are due to traumatic sexual congress vs masturbation...Immediate evaluation is indicated as hematoma in this are can spread and leave residual problems with erections and may even be due to fracturaing of the lining of the corpus cavernosum.
No. If the hematoma happened during sex, it was probably just a minor blood vessel that broke or leaked. This would imply that the hematoma is not that large (< 1"), but may look awful--purple, black, green & yellow. It will heal all by itself over a couple of weeks. If you apply hot compresses, it will heal even faster. There is nothing else to do. This is just a freak occurrence.

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Burst blood vessel in my penis can my girlfriend get infection of my blood?

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