Can tonsils and throat stay red, swollen and irritated for months, causing neck and jaw pain, with no other symptoms, including swollen lymph nodes?

See your doctor. Red and swollen tonsils are a definite sign of infection. You should see your physician as soon as possible. The tonsils are a part of the immune system that help filter out pathogens, so redness and swelling means they are trying to filter out something. Please see your doctor to find out the source of infection.

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I have a swollen lymph nodes in jaw and neck, plus red bumps on feet. What could be wrong with me?

Cannot diagnose. These two entities are probably unrelated. Go and see a doctor. Answers on HealthTap aren't intended for individual treatment, prescription or diagnosis. Read more...

11yebold female w/swollen lymph nodes in neck under jaw. Been swollen 3yrs. Tonsils taken out didn't help. Gotten slightly bigger but painless. Help?

Computer diagnosis. It is very difficult to diagnose a problem like this over the internet, without an examination, a full med hx, and possibly a cat scan. A team of local physicians is your best bet for resolution. Include an ENT and an oral surgeon. Read more...