What is the best way to treat shin splints?

Less impact activity. Shin splints (tibial stress reaction or stress fracture) result from overuse. This can be with regards to varibles of excessive running intensity, excessive mileage or duration. The first line treatment is to limit the most likely causative variable, allow more rest, ice, and nsaids, nd evn iimaging is indicated when symptoms fail to resolve within a week or so of implementing controls on activity.
Rest! Shin splints are an overuse injury...Rest as much as possible and use Ibuprofen as needed, if pain persists, see your doctor, .
Rest, Ibuprofen, ice. Initial treatment of medications and ice to relieve pain; stretching and strengthening exercises of the foot, ankle, and leg; rest; and modification of the activity that initially caused the problem. These can all be carried out at home for acute cases, although referral to a physical therapist or athletic trainer for further evaluation and treatment may be recommended.

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