I have gastritis & stomach inflammation. Ultrasounds shows some small nonshadowing gallstones or polyps (unsure). Should I have nuclear medicine?

Abdominal discomfort. If the abdominal discomfort is moderately severe and you are tired of living with it, then the nuclear medicine (a hida scan) is a very logical next step. Without any discomfort it will give you an answer about whether your gallbladder is actually inflammed, which is what you care about (i.e., that is what causes the pain). Then you can more decide whether you would want to consider surgery.
GALLBLADDER POLYPS. Not sure if your symptoms are due to a biliary problem. No history of biliary colic. A hida scan would be indicated to assess for biliary dyskinesia after an endoscopy of your stomach has been done.
Depends. The nuclear medicine test you are referring to really only serves to answer the question as to whether there is a blockage of either the gallbladder opening or the bile ducts. Based on the limited information you have provided, i can't say for sure. More information regarding your labs/blood tests, symptoms, and history of what has been going on is needed to determine if that test is needed.
See physician. Physical eamination and certain blood tests to begin with. If symptoms felt related to gall bladder, Then nuclear hida scan may be perfomred to test function of gall bladder. This involves intravenous injection of isotope for visualization of gb and bile ducts. CCK is hormone given intravenously to assess contraction of gb.Determine if gb contributing symptoms.

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