Slow stream after waking up sometimes. Am 45.Prostate cancer? No health insurance

Unlikely to be PrCa. But could be bph. You would be well served to get a psa, u/a and physical exam. I would not wait for health care exchanges, but you might inquire about neighborhood free clinics. BPH and prosca are not comon in your age group, so would lik you seen rather than assume the worse or that it is nothing.
Unlikely. This is a relatively common complaint in men, ie, that the first void of the day seems slow. This is not likely to be a sign of prostate cancer. You may be able to find a free screening program to check your psa level. At age 45 if it is below 1.0, you can probably safely wait 5-10 years before rechecking.
Unlikely. Prostate cancer not by any means common at age 47. Slow stream "after waking up sometimes"may be due to slight prostatic enlargement. Try to look up a free clinic and get a rectal exam and prescription. Some doctors may see you for free an put "NC" (means no charge) if you explain to the front desk that you can't afford but this is becoming uncommon. It does not sound serious. Good luck.
Most likely not. As men age, there is increased risk of prostate cancer but typically age 45 is very early. There can be many reasons to have slow urine coming out including common ones like benign prostate enlargement, infection, inflammation etc. There are medications that help with urine flow and seeing a urologist is adviced if symptoms are bothersome. The cost is not much for evaluation and be worth it.