I have tingling, numbness, weakness and pain in my fingers and hands. What's going on?

Many Possibilities. With out an examination - one can only list a long list of possible diagnoses - basically if the tingling and numbness is that intrusive you need to be evaluated by your pcp or by a neurologist.
Nerve compression. May be carpal tunnel syndrome. Sleeping in a splint may help, but if symptoms persist or worsen see a hand surgeon.

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Woke up yesterday with shoulder pain elbow, wrist, and finger pain all on my right side also had numbness and tingling in all areas and hand weakness what could it be?

Need more info. From the symptoms you describe it sounds line what may be what is commonly called a "pinched nerve" with a radiculopathy (inflammation of a nerve root). Several causes could be age, injury etc. It's like hitting your "funny bone" in your elbow. You might be well served to see an osteopathic physician (D,O,). or an M.D.. A D.O. can be found under physicians in the Yellow Pages. Read more...