Got a TB shot today dr said he injected it a little deep in my arm what could that mean for result? Boyfriend recieved a positive reaction thats why?

Repeat test. To improve the accuracy of the testing, you should discuss a repeat of the PPD after 4 weeks. If you have any symptoms suggestive of TB, a chest radiograph and a blood test to detect TB infection is available. One possibility is that you were both exposed to TB during travel or contact with someone who has TB. A detailed travel history is indicated and all household members should be screened.
Possibly inaccurate. In order to be accurate, the PPD test should really be injected right under the top layer of skin so that it looks like a little fluid-filled blister. It might be a good idea to have the test repeated. If your boy friend had a positive test but does not have active TB (cough, fever, weight loss, abnormal chest xray etc), it is impossible for him to transmit TB to you.