If I have shingles how could my newborn be affected?

Talk with doctor. A mom who has shingles and also has a newborn should not have a problem, but she should double check with the pediatrician. The reason is that the mom had already gotten chicken pox in the past (otherwise she would not be able to get shingles). The mom's chicken pox antibodies should be inside the newborn (unless the baby was too premature) and protecting the newborn from shingles or chicken pox.
Maybe. If you are pregnant and have no genital lesions, then shingles will not affect a pending newborn. If you have a new baby, then be careful about handwashing, and other skin to skin contact to avoid spreading it. Shingles is a herpes virus and can be spread through contact, so the location of your rash is important too as mothers and newborns have close contact.