What can be done to reduce the risks of vascular dementia getting worse?

Couple approaches. For the memory loss, would try donepezil or galantamine, (galantamine hydrobromide) and to prevent stroke would use Aggrenox or Clopidigrel, and a statin drug.
Vascular dementia. Treat underlying vascular pathology, such as heart or blood pressure issues, etc.

Related Questions

For what reasons might vascular dementia continue to get worse?

Vascular dementia. There are two common reasons - the first is related to not stopping or being able to reverse the vascular damage that has occurred. Often people have uncontrolled hypertension or inflammatory changes that go unchecked. The second reason is that aging does alter other functions in the brain, including health of blood vessels and neurons and supporting cells. Adds to deficits.
Vary greatly. It all depends on the underlying state of health, real time care being provided, compliance with medication, rapid treatment of new conditions, compliance with, and side effects of medications; nutritional issues, preventing falls, etc...

Vascular dementia- does it get worse with time. Any treatment?

Usuaally. Vascular dementia worsens with each stroke that someone has. Currently the treatments are the same as those for alzheimers. Certain symptoms like depression, delusions and delirium are quite common.

How could I get a motor scooter for a loved one with vascular dementia?

Buy one. Cms regulations for motorized scooter are quite specific and available at their website or one of the popular "scooter" stores. If you do not qualify under cms rules for payment please do not ask your doctor to bend the rules or lie to get a scooter. If you cannot qualify under cms rules go buy one at a yard sale, craig's list, etc.
Tax deductible too!! The expense of buying the scooter yourself, or any other out-of-pocket medical expenses (prescription drugs, tests, office co-pays, etc.) are tax deductable--don't forget that & keep your receipts. I & many other physicians will write prescriptions for therapeutic massage, exercise, aqua therapy, etc. Write-off whatever you pay for these services; a gym membership, masseuse, personal trainer ;).

What can be done for a patient in the final stages of vascular dementia?

Supportive. Therapy helps as well as medications used for dementia. The final stages of vascular dementia is hard to distinguish with the symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia.

Could I get microbascular ischemia disease from taking ritalin (methylphenidate) or adderrall? Will it turn into vascular dementia?

Not by itself. The amphetamine based stimulants can raise blood pressure, but the doctor prescribing and monitoring the medication can address your concern. In general, if one develops dangerously high blood pressure on medication or not is treated for the blood pressure in order not to develop microvascular disease.