How does evista (raloxifene) increase bone density?

Lowering bone loss. Bone is constantly being broken down for repair and being rebuilt. Evista, (raloxifene) which in bone is similar to estrogen, slows down the cells that breakdown bone, the formation or rebuilding continues so that the density increases.
Estrogen agonist. It is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. (serm). It binds to the estrogen receptors ina way acting like estrogen to decrease bone resorption and bone turnover thereby increasing bone density. It is not estrogen and is safe for women who can't take estrogen. It can still cause blood lots so be careful.

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Bone density in hips severe, take Crestor (rosuvastatin) for high cholesterol, mother stroke at 77. Dr. Recommends Evista, so many scary side effects. Yes or no?

Evista (raloxifene) has. been shown to help prevent spine fractures, but does NOT help prevent hip fractures, so I couldn't recommend it for that reason. The crestor will help bone density a little. Make sure you're taking the proper calcium and vitamin D. THere are other options, and it depends upon whether you have been on other therapy before. check w/your doctor. Read more...
I LIke. Evista (raloxifene). It has good bone density help and has reduced breast cancer effects as well. My patients dont complain of many side effects. It is my favorite non hormonal choice. Read more...