I have been diagnosed with major depression but never have thoughts of suicide?

Depression symptoms. Many people with depression don't have thoughts of suicide. Some do have thoughts of death or suicide without a specific plan. It's different for each person. But, everyone who has a depression diagnosis has a depressed, sad, or empty mood (in children or adolescents this may be characterized as an irritable mood). Effective treatments are available, so keep working with your doctor to get better.
Symptoms. I am glad you asked the question. While suicidal ideation is often linked to major depression it is only one of several criteria that make up the disorder. You may be experiencing some of the other symptoms for more than 2 weeks including: depressed mood, diminished interests, weight changes, sleep pattern changes, agitation, , fatigue, feeling feelings of worthlessness, or trouble concentrating.
See below... Thoughts of suicide are not always present in depression. Treatment is still indicated, though, & u deserve to feel better. Psychotherapy with or without meds is indicated.

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I have major depression and have been in an episode for about 6 months with on and off thoughts of suicide. Should I admit myself for immediate help.

On suicidal thinking. It's always valuable to have an evaluation by a live clinician if your asking yourself this. If you're currently thinking about it, absolutely-go to the er. When it's an on/of thing, you're in off mode but worried, the worse that can happen is you may receive more treatment, which isn't a bad thing. Better safe, and all that. Good luck with your er visit...
If you are having. Thoughts about killing yourself, please be seen at the nearest emergency room now. Have a friend or relative drive you. If need be, you can call 911 for emergency services ; they can provide transport. You can call the national suicide hotline 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255. If no current thoughts of suicide - would encourage you to work with a psychiatrist ; a therapist.

I am in a major depression and thinking of suicide. Help?

See below. I"m sorry you're going through this. Find a psychologist or a mental health provider to help you figure out issues that might be causing your feelings. If you're having thoughts of self-harm that are overwhelming, go to the nearest emergency room or dial 911. National suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-talk. In the er an eval will be done and your options discussed. Good luck!
No it is not. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Seek treatment. Depression is a condition that is treatable with many options national suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-273-talk (8255).

What could be the cause of depression, thoughts of suicide and abnormal sleeping patterns?

Depression. Etiology is combination of biological factors such as heredity, psychological such as low self esteem, and social such as traumatic events and losses, in someone who is vulnerable & lacks social support.
Depression. Clinical Depression can encompass the symptoms of suicidal thoughts, sleep disturbances and depressed mood. Active suicidal thoughts with plan warrant emergency room evaluation. Psychiatric admission is sometimes indicated if risk is high.

Can someone tell me if suicide is a sign of major depression?

Can be. Suicide can be a sign of major depression, but other mental illnesses can also lead to suicide. Anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse, severe eating disorders, personality disorders, etc are some of them.

I portray all symptoms of chronic depression listed on webmd except for thoughts of suicide could I possibly have chronic depression?

Depression. One does not have to have thoughts of suicide to be depressed. If you have the other symptoms then I would consider you to have chronic depression. You should seek out a physician to discuss options.
Absolutely. Many persons have what is referred to as masked depression, where they have many or most symptoms such as loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities or perhaps insomnia and lethargy or loss of appetite. .. Yet they do not feel suicidal or even sad. They can benefit very much from treatment of depression, especially from safe, non-addictive antidepressants.

I am having severe depression and thoughts of suicide. I have devolved an increasing sickness, it isn't just sudden. What do you think the cause is?

Get Help. National suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-273-talk (8255): please find help --- go to the nearest emergency room or dial 911. They will do a complete eval at the er. Nobody can tell you the cause over the internet. It's something that has to be discussed face-to-face. Also, involved adult that you can trust to help you get through. Good luck!
Depression. It is difficult to name a cause without knowing you but often times depression is driven by a negative self voice. Finding the origin of your old view of yourself and having help to see yourself accurately can be very helpful. Consult with a mental health professional who can help you accomplish the above and you may free yourself from your suffering. Best wishes.

Question, about a friend's depression any suggestions, about a person, who moved to florida, and now has no interest, in anything-----thoughts, of, suicide-----trapped----in a prison-----loss of apatite----feels alone----used to get into, collections---g

Your. Your friend is lucky to have someone like you in their lives. If your friend is having ideations of suicide, get help and tell his family. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a person's call for help. If your friend is depressed and talks about suicide, it is important to get him help and treatment.
A disrupted life. Although the source of the depression cannot be determined from what you say, your friend needs to know that moving to a new community and the disruption of social supports that causes can result in a great deal of psychological distress. In addition to a psychiatric evaluation your friend should be encouraged to meet people and become part of the community even if this feels unnatural and hard.
See psychologist. Your friend needs professional help. Dr. Kordansky is a phd clinical psychologist with a certification in health. She trained at emory university and can be found at (561) 750-2338. She is very personable and is loved and respected by her patients.

I've had some depression lately and normally I'm quite a happy person. It got so bad that I had thoughts of suicide. Should I take antidepressants?

Consult your psych. I would recommend consulting your healthcare professional as soon as possible. There are local numbers also available to help.
Probably. You deserve a good psychiatric work up to determine your diagnosis & best treatment.
Get Evaluation. It sounds like you have seen a change and that you are struggling with your emotions. If you are having thoughts of death, or thoughts of harming/killing yourself, then an evaluation for treatment would be a good step to take.
Get help. Having thoughts of suicide is never normal. If these thoughts becomes overwhelming, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room where you will be given a psych eval and referral. You can also call your primary care doctor and ask for referral for a psychiatrist and psychologist to help you cope with depression through medical and talk therapy. Good luck!
Possibly. The fact that you're normally quite happy is a good sign that you'll return to your normal state, and perhaps sooner than you might think. But, it would be good to take early action in order to secure a positive outcome soon. Thoughts of suicide are a symptom. It's a good idea to get an evaluation by a psychologist or psychiatrist asap. Medications can be a positive part of treatment for many.

Am I better off hiding the real extent of my psychiatric problems from psychiatrists? I've had major depression for much of my life, including a few hospitalizations. After a suicide attempt five years ago, my then-psychiatrist asked me to seek psychiatri

Full. Full disclosure of your history is key to successful treatment. Be completely honest with your doctor about your past, your issues with previous doctors, and what you think went wrong. Hopefully the doctor will be able to sort through all the issues and come up with an appropriate treatment plan; if not then ask for a direct referral to someone who can help you. All the best.
Don't Hide Anything! Member: you should never feel you have to hide anything from your psychiatrist. If you get that feeling, look for a new doctor. Period. We should be providing you with a safe and open environment, free of judgement. I am sorry for your past experience, but we are here to serve you as your doctors. It is our privilege, not the other way around. I hope that helps! -- dr. Z (the healthy mind).
Absolutely not. We can't help you if you hide anything and that is what we are here for. As others have noted if you feel uncomforatable about talking about anything find another doctor. Most of us really care or we would not be doing what we do. Good luck! Depression is a treatable condition and you deserve to acheive full remission of your symptoms.
Why. Would you hide your heart symptoms from your cardiologist? Your doctor needs to know the extent of your condition the best be able to help you.
Trust & openness. The basis of any relationship is trust. It is important that you build on that, rather than deceit. How can some one get to know &help you, if you do not open up, or be truthful. Being able to learn to manage your condition, and live more fully is an important goal in treatment. If you have concerns, address those concerns.