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What is subconjunctival hemorrhage?

A bruise on the eye. Subconjunctival hemorrhage is a bruise on the surface of the eye from a broken blood vessel. The conjunctiva is the clear thin "skin" of the eyeball with lots of small blood vessels in and under it. When one of these breaks open, blood collects between the conjunctiva and sclera (white of the eye). Because the conjunctiva is clear, the blood is seen as bright red. It takes 1-2 weeks to resorb.
Blood under conj. Blood under conjunctiva (thin tissue that covers white of eye & inside of lids). May be due to injury, straining (coughing, lifting vomiting) or disease process. Often, however, the cause is not known. The redness is profound & blood color & may cover entire white of eye. Usually painless, this problem will clear on its own but this may take weeks.
Bleed. This is a sub-conjunctival hemorrhage. As long as the vision is unchanged and there is no pain, everything should be fine. If it is a little irritated, then you can use an artificial tear up to 4 times a day to lubricate. This is due to a blood vessel leaking blood and is usually without cause. Sometimes straining or blood thinner can cause this. If it continues to happen, follow up with eye md.

Can subconjunctival hemorrhage be cured?

Self limiting. Usually a small broken blood vessel on the surface of the eye, this condition will get better on its own. The concern is checking to be sure that there is no bleeding inside the eye, or some other conditin causing the broken vessels.
Not needed. Subconjunctival hemorrhage is almost always a benign, and spontaneous event in which a small blood vessel seeps a drop or so of blood under the conjunctiva over the white of the eye (although it can occur from trauma). It looks dramatic, but needs no treatment as it will clear by itself over a 3-10 day interval usually. You can use warm soaks to hasten the absorption.
Only with time. Subconjunctival hemorrhage occurs when a blood vessel on the eye's surface develops a microscopic tear. Although it heals almost immediately, the blood that leaks out is stuck under the conjunctiva. The blood will naturally be resorbed and removed by the body, much like a bruise. There is no treatment that can speed this process, which can take up to a few weeks.

What to do for subconjunctival hemorrhage?

Nothing. This will resolve over several days. You may want to avoid blood thinners like Aspirin and nsaids until then.

Dpes subconjunctival hemorrhage last long?

No. It depends on a few factors, including how large the hemorrhage is, and what caused the hemorrhage. Some go away in a day or two, many take 7-10 days, and some can take even longer.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage, ok to exercise?

Fine to exercise. There should be no problem.
Yes. But realize that if you strain (Valsalva) significantly, it may predispose you to another hemorrhage.

Can subconjunctival hemorrhage be related to contacts?

Contacts and hem. Soft contact lenses overlap onto the conjunctiva of the eye and could possibly irritate a small superficial vessel that could bleed. Also, the manipulation involved with inserting and removing contacts could cause superficial conjunctival hemorrhage. The hemorrhages clear spontaneously and are mostly a cosmetic issue, as they cannot get into the eye.