How can you increase your bone density after chemotherapy?

Bone density & chemo. It partially depends on the type of cancer (can you take estrogen or not) and whether or not you have gone through the menopause. Calcium and vit d supplementation are important but you may need a dexa scan to check your current bone density.
Exercise among other. Chemotherapy does take a toll on various body systems and the skeletal system is not immune. If you are young, and depending on the chemotherapy agents used, there is a risk of gonadal failure and low estrogen state, the latter of which can greatly affect bone density. In general, optimizing calcium and vitamin d intake will be very important in addition to weight bearing exercise.

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Will chemotherapy affect bone density?

Maybe. Anti-estrogen therapy for breast cancer, and androgen-deprivation therapy for prostate cancer can lead to decreases in bone density. Steroids, often used to treat cancers, or to control some side-effects of cancer, can also lead to decreased bone density. Read more...