How do you treat or cure shyness in your child, without medicice?

Shyness not illness. Shyness is not an illness; it is a personality trait. However, sometimes there are underlying issues related to anxiety that need to be treated. If it seems to be a more serious problem, please do not label your child "shy". Try not to put your child "on the spot". Help build up your child's self-esteem and give your child plenty of encouragement.
Exposure. Medicine is not the answer. The best approach is exposure to other children thru play dates, programs, school etc. Therapy is necessary only for severely disabled older kids. !st with 1 or 2 kids and then increasing the exposure.
Get Right Help Early. According 2dr lynn miller-psychologist/profssr @u of british columbia 85% of young children whose parents answer(ed yes 2these two q's will develop an anxiety disorder later in life: 1)"is ur child more shy or anxious than other children his/her age?";& 2)"is ur child more worried than other children his/her age?" get kids help early! help them recognize their anxiety & learn 2manage it effecively.