How do I find a counselor in my area who specializes in sexual abuse?

Oraganizations. Hi there, contact this organization that specializes in helping victims of sexual abuse: http://www.Rainn.Org/get-information/types-of-sexual-assault/child-sexual-abuse you can also contract the american psychological association that has lists of licensed psychologists who have this specialty in your area: http://www.Apa.Org/topics/sexual-abuse/ i'm glad you are going to find someone!
See below. Contact the state, county, or local medical society for the names of counselors who deal with or specialize in sexual abuse cases.

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Where can I look for therapists who specialize in male child sexual abuse?

Start with national. You don't say if this is for an adult or a child, which makes a big difference. You are correct that male child sexual abuse gets less attention than female, though the damage can be just as great. Most urban settings have some sort of sexual abuse hotlines, which might be a good start. Or, go national, e.g., http://naasca.Org/010111-recovery.Htm, and look for someone in your area. Read more...