What makes a girl a target for sexual abuse? How do you make a girl abuse-proof?

Past abuse. Makes future abuse more likely according to research. Therefore, women who have been victims of abuse often need psychotherapy to work through the trauma and to be educated what makes them vulnerable to perpetrators.
Education. Sexual abuse sadly happens everywhere including in religious countries where many/majority women use way more clothes than women in usa. Dont blame it on sexy atire or how women walk etc..It is about how to educate our children that certain behavior ( physical agressiveness) is not accepted and gender equality.Teach about self respect and how to control our mind and body. Education is very crucial.
Sexy atire. Revealing cleavage or tight clothing, walking with swaying hips. Wearing little or no clothing in a coed dorm. Best way to keep a girl abuse proof is to dress conservatively and always be in the company of a reliable chaperone.