What is a central scotoma?

Field loss centrally. This is a sort of "hole" in the field of vision involving the receptors in the center of the retina which can be lost from various conditions such as macular degeneration, bleeding, diabetes, laser exposure and other sorts of trauma or disease.
Blind Spot. Imagine staring at a white paper exactly 10 inches on each side. Now imagine you cut a small hole in the center of the paper and place the white page over a black one. Now imagine that everything you look at contains a missing central area. That is a central scotoma. Any disorder that can affect the retina can be associated ranging from age related macular disease and hyprtension to drugs etc.

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Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a central scotoma like?

Central Scotoma. Is perceived as a dark spot in the center of the vision covering the area used to see fine detail (20/20 center). If you closed the normal eye , the eye with the central scotoma would basically just have peripheral vision left. Hope that helps clarify it. Read more...

What are causes of central scotoma?

Multiple. Multiple sclerosis, hypertension, methyl alcohol, various nutritional deficiencies, more rarely trauma, vascular insults such as strokes affecting the optic nerve and even trauma can do this. Read more...

Please help! What is the cause of central scotoma?

Blind spot. Scotoma is our big word for blind spot. Central scotoma would mean that something is causing a blind spot in the central vision. Damage to the Retina or nerve or brain problems are the top 3 causes. What did your eye doctor say? Read more...