How fast can I exercise after sclerotherapy?

Soon! Recommendations as to when you can resume exercise vary from physician to physician. Generally, however, one can resume exercise immediately after sclerotherapy. It is also important, however, that.
Post Sclerotherapy. I recommend that my patients exercise immediately following sclerotherapy to reduce likelihood of deep vein thrombosis, which is rare. Others recommend no exercise, presumably to reduce venodilation, which could theoretically recanalize the veins (?). There is no hard data to support one recommendtion over the other.
Exercise and Sclero. I do not limit any types of exercise post sclerotherapy. Patients can resume all types of exercise immediately post treatment. I do recommend compression for 48 hours post treatment and no soaking in a hot tub or hot bath for 48 hours post treatment.
Comfortably. My generaly advice is: anything you can do comfortably, is ok to do. If it hurts, don't do it.
As you would like. I advise patients to wear stockings & to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day for a week after sclerotherapy. Common activities are walking, biking & treadmill, at whatever pace they like. I recommend they avoid heavy weight lifting for a one week period. One practical point- it may not be comfortable to do vigorous aerobic activity since they will be wearing stockings.