Is sclerotherapy effective for small spider veins?

Yes Very Effective. Sclerotherapy is the most effective and versatile treatment / procedure to eliminate spider veins. Advances with the medication sclerosant and lights such vein light have made the treatment even better. Multiple spider veins associated with symptoms should have an ultrasound evaluation so it is recommended to seek treatment with a vein specialist.
Ideal. Sclerotherapy is the first-line choice for spider veins on the legs. If the vein can be injected, it can be treated. Asclera, the fda-approved sclerosing agent, works well. If the vein is too small for injection, then use laser.
Yes . Sclerotherapy is effective for the treatment of small spider veins, as long as they are of adequate size to successfully inject them. However, it is important to realize that often multiple treatment sessions are required and it is very possible that you will develop moe spiders elsewhere.
Yes. Modern use of detergents such as polidocanol, and sotradecol in a dilute 0.2%-0.5% solution, often foamed, is the gold standard for treatment of spider veins. Some who have large spider veins treated will be left with telangiectatic matting, and these may be difficult to treat with the sclerotherapy method, and laser, or other methods using veinwave, etc. May be helpful.
Yes it is. There are several different sclerotherapy chemicals (sclerosants) that can be used, in different concentrations, depending on the size of the vein that needs to be treated. Sometimes spider veins can be an outward, visible manifestation of a more inward, hidden vein problem, so an unltrasound evaluation is usually helpful. Make sure you see a vein expert and discuss your treatment needs.
Yes. Most experts agree that sclerotherapy is the most effective treatment for spider veins of the legs. Generally a few sessions are required to obtain maximal clearing, with most patients getting obvious visible improvement. Treating these veins is a bit like weeding a garden- you can get things significantly improved, but new veins will appear over time. Maintenance treatment can be done as needed.
Yes. Sclerotherapy is effective for small spider veins. With advanced injecting techniques including special head lights, magnification and very small micro needles we are able to treat very small spiders that we couldn't treat in the past.