Is rubeosis iridis related to rubeotic glaucoma?

Yes. Iris neovascularization can lead to neovascular glaucoma if the intraocular pressure is elevated, causing optic nerve damage.
Sort of. Both conditions are caused by ischemia and the development of abnormal neovascularizaion of the iris (rubeosis iridis) or of the angle (the drainaige system in the eye, cuasing increased pressure and optic netve damage, rubeotic glaucoma).

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Six months my BP meds were not effective. Bp was 155/90 or so. Finally under control with Norvasc (amlodipine) added. 116/60 now. Can this be cause of rubeosis iridis diagnosis? All other tests are negative.

Unusual. If that is only as high as your blood pressure was it would be an unusual association and you do not mention anything about diabetes, a much mor common association. Read more...
Not related. I'm glad that for your improved blood pressure but rubeosis iridis would not cause better control of blood pressure. Continue your meds and exercise. Still avoid excessive sodium and caffeine. Read more...