My mom had scleroderma and now I have been diagnosed with raynaud's phenomenon. Are these things related?

Yes. Raynaud's phenomenon can be a part of scleroderma or it can exist on its own as raynaud's disease. Relatives of someone with scleroderma are more prone to having raynaud's disease.
Yes. Raynauds is one of the components found in scleroderma, however you can have raynauds and never develop scleroderma. Check for skin changes on hands as well as other collagen vascular diseases, including blood tests by internist.

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Mom just developed raynauds at age 52 what's chances of her getting scleroderma? No other symptoms, has negative ANA, I am her daughter tho & have lupus

Very small. Many people who develop Raynaud`s disease never develop anything more. Scleroderma is very rarely genetically related. So may good fortune be yours. Read more...
Less chance. Since your mother has no other symptoms and ANA negative ,she has primary raynaud disease and less chance to get sclerderma .The person with secondary raynaud disease have associated pre -existing conditions like -scleroderma or lupus . Read more...