Has anyone ever gotten rid of a pterygium in the eye?

Certainly. Ophthalmologists remove them all the time. However, the only time you really need to have it removed is when it occludes the visual field, so most that are lateral to the pupil do not require any specific treatment.
Yes. Pterygia are a benign growth which sometimes will exuberantly march across the cornea and affect the vision. They can sometimes get quite red and irritate the eye. There are current surgical treatments with medical assistance that in most cases will get rid of this lesion and prevent further growth or regrowth.
Get rid of Pterygium. Prevention is key remedy. Avoid sun (sunglasses, hat); avoid smoking. Natural rx info: see eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com; Other ways to help decrease symptoms: cold artificial tears, nsaid drops, low dose or hi dose steroids (though risk of glaucoma, cataract); surgery is only real way to remove for good (though there is a risk of recurrence.
Yes. Yes. Pterygium surgery is relatively common and very safe/ successful. You should see an eye doctor for an evaluation and treatment.
Yes. Yes but this usually requires surgical removal and is done in the operating room. Also, there is always the small possibility of recurrence of the pterygium.