Grave's disease and protruding eyes--what is treatment?

Several thoughts. Treat underlying thyroid disease treat symtpoms with shades and tears try selenium, then prednisone, rituximab, radiation, surgery in that order.

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I was told I have graves disease. How do I treat the protruding eyes?

Graves eye disease. First you need to get the hyperactive thyroid fixed, as that may improve your eyes. Then a careful assessment by an ophthalmologist who works on this. Sometimes surgery is needed, sometimes not. Sometimes a course of steroids helps. Sometimes the eyes protrude, but sometimes it is the lid that is retracted, giving the appearance of protrusion.

Grave's disease and protruding eyes, are these connected?

Yes. Some patients with grave's disease develop bulging eyes. If vision is affected an ophthalmologist can be helpful.

My 78 yr old mother in law was diagnosed with Graves, which turn hypo......she still has protruding eyeball. In the last few years she has develop alo?

Neuroparalytic disor. Apraxia of lid opening a nonparalytic motor abnormality characterized by difficulty initiating act of lid elevation after lid closure. ALO described in association CNS diseases:Progressive supranuclear palsy, Parkinson disease, Idiopathic dystonias, Hydrocephalus, Motor neuron diseaseMotor neuron disease, Dystonia due to kernicterus, Choreoathetosis, Huntingtons chorea to name a few. Not thyroid Dis.